…and he’s being used to push the antichrist’s agenda

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I’m sure by now, you’ve heard of the latest nefarious push from the left-sided woke elites. Sure, they want you to believe that it’s all in good fun and it’s harmless.

But don’t fall into this trap the enemy has so meticulously laid out for all his unsuspecting victims. It’s not in good fun and it is very much harmful to partake in such blatant worship of godlessness.

Be well balanced and always alert, because your enemy, the devil, roams around incessantly, like a roaring lion looking for its prey to…

There is bad news and there is good news… which would you like first?

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The story of the world is ongoing. There is a beginning, a middle, and an end. We are currently nearing the end of this story.

If that scares you more than it excites you, then you need to keep reading.

I used to believe that we were all living our lives individually and unconnected. That our individual stories were just that… individual and isolated incidences that were insignificant chance happenings.

That could not be further from the truth.

Once I started to look into the history…

But it’s still not too late.

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Dear broken World,

I want to share with you my heart, but you reject it. I want to show you how to love, but you think you know better.

My ways are not your ways nor my thoughts your thoughts, yet still, you think you know better.

The evil in your minds and hardness of your hearts makes you a fool. I want to give you wisdom, but you don’t want it. Again, you think you know better.

Your cities are on fire and your children are being raped and murdered for profit, and…

And how to let them go.

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It is 2020. We are connected more now by the internet than we ever have been before.

And yet, we are still so far apart.

As we move forward in a post-pandemic world there are still so many questions we all have about how “normal” life will be.

I am hopeful that we will move past all of this in the very near future.

When that happens, we’ll likely either be returning to jobs that we no longer have the passion for or we won’t have jobs to return to.

There are a lot…

When you are you’re own worst enemy

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To love yourself.

To be fully, unapologetically you and completely head-over-heels in love with who you are is quite possibly one of the most fantastic party tricks I’ve ever experienced.

The art of loving yourself is nothing more than your mind deciding that it will no longer listen to the lies it’s been conditioned to believe.

Your mind decides to free itself from the burden of societal programming.


Your brain is a computer that can download different programs.

So if the programming that runs in the background of your mind is constantly…

Plus 2 bonus tips! Radiant, youthful skin is possible with the right routine.

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I am 35 years old and the one thing that I am quickly learning, is time is no longer on my side.

If I am not careful, my skin is often tired and dull. I lack the radiance and youthful glow I once had without effort.

Sigh. I really did take those days for granted.

I actually have to work for good skin now.

These days, I often find myself combating fine lines and wrinkles while also fighting adult acne breakouts.

Fun times! Let me tell you!

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. — Aristotle

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It’s no secret that establishing good habits is essential to a good life.

I’m not the first to say that we are what we do day in and day out. Obviously.

But, I am somebody who knows what it’s like to live a life full of bad habits, break them, and live to tell about it.

Bad habits are easy to create. It’s the things we do when we aren’t living intentionally. When life gets hard, and we put it on auto-pilot.


When it’s your time to go, that’s it. Death doesn’t care who you are.

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Yesterday’s news of Kobe Bryant’s untimely death has noticeably shook the nation.

It’s impossible to go on social media without scrolling through dozens of heartfelt posts honoring the life of a man that dared to live by a different set of rules.

His dedication to his craft is a rare virtue.

He was a man who knew how to live life: with a full heart of gratitude and a machine-like work ethic. He inspired millions of fans.

But that couldn’t save him.

His $500 million couldn’t save him.

His 17.6 million Instagram followers couldn’t save him.

His beautiful family and…

How you decide to define it makes all the difference in the World.

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In the game of life, man, the ups and downs are no joke. One minute you feel on top of the World, and the next, you’re questioning every life decision you have ever made.

Especially for those who have decided to sit at their keyboards and bleed; It’s a tough job to take on, to be critiqued and scrutinized or worse, ignored.

How do you press on when you feel like you don’t belong? How do you keep showing up when all you do is stand in line only to be rejected? Sorry. You’re not on the list. …

Honestly, I’m still in shock

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I started writing on Medium towards the end of August. I was trying to get traction on my own website when I stumbled across Shaunta Grimes, likely during a google search of ‘how to become a better writer.’

I had been a long-time reader of medium articles, but I didn’t fully understand the platform. I assumed contributors were staff writers for the individual publications.

It wasn’t until I read this article that I realized anyone could write on Medium, and everyone had the opportunity to earn money… if they were good enough.

Blogging on my own website made me feel…

Rachel Walsh

“The definition of greatness is to inspire the people next to you… It’s not something that lives and dies with one person.” — Kobe Bryant — I write to inspire.

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